Dental Office Construction & Remodeling

There are no short cuts when it comes to proper dental hygiene.  You have to take your oral health seriously right from the start.  If you don't, there will be a price to pay. 


The above statement ..."there are no short cuts" applies, not only to the average brusher, but also directly to companies looking to remodel an existing dental office or move into a new build-out.  


Cutting corners will significantly impact the overall project experience, quality, appearance and cost.


While Sonoran Crest Development isn't an expert on oral hygiene it is highly experienced regarding medical tenant improvements and how the process needs to work to ensure value to the client and to the overall project success.


One word every consumer, who is in the market for a dental office remodel or new build, should keep in mind, when shopping for a qualified construction team, is coherency.


A very common pitfall of any construction project is having a segment of the professionals create a design that satisfies some expectations, but either exceeds budget or doesn't meet the needed equipment and material components.


The architect, the interior designer and the contractor need to be on the same page from the beginning.


The architect and the interior designer you choose should have experience with dental design, equipment and materials.  Having contractors engaged during the design stage will help ensure that design pricing is validated and remains within the real budget limits.  


Professional coherency also protects the integrity of any confirmed designs, because the designs will not be compromised in the construction process due to budget limitations.  


When embarking on a dental office remodel or new build, make sure there is cohesiveness within the chosen team from the beginning.  Then in the end you, and your patients, will come out smiling.


If you are in the market to build, relocate, or renovate your medical or dental office, and would like to have a clear understanding of the associated costs, time frames and requirements for a specific space, please contact me. 



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